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Like the Cartier watches model will only be available in temperature and magnetic fields

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Like the Cartier Calibre de Cartier Chronograph, the Rotonde de Cartier Perpetual Calendar Chronograph comes in a 42 mm round case, and while the chrono model is available in steel and gold, the perpetual model will only be available in rose or white gold. Cartier has just released a preview of their new in-house chronograph — that will be officially unveiled at SIHH 2013 on January 21st — the Calibre de Cartier Chronograph. The collection will features Cartier’s new in-house manufactured self-winding 1904-CH MC caliber which features a column-wheel chronograph with a central vertical clutch. It has double barrels, which provides more consistent torque and a 48-hour power reserve.

The Calibre de Cartier Chronograph comes in Cartier’s signature round 42 mm case with alternating brushed and polished surfaces. Available in stainless steel or gold, with or without gems. Flat sapphire crystal with fixed bezel with 0-60 markings. A sapphire case back allows a view into the finely finished movement which consists of Côtes de Genève (Geneva stripes) on the bridges and oscillating weight and circular graining on the mainplate.

The dial features Roman numerals on the top and indexes on the lower part of the dial. The hour and minute hands are sword shaped and feature luminous paint. The central second hand and two subdials has black hands. The three date panoramic date aperture now sits at 6 o’clock to make room for the chronograph subdial (previous Cartier de Calibre time only models have the date at 3 o’clock).

Flat chronograph pushers and screwed crown. Water-resistance is 100 meters. The crown is seven-sided, and on the gold model is adorned with a faceted sapphire; it is made of synthetic spinal blue cabochon on the steel model. Steel or gold bracelet or a leather strap. Pierced lugs allow for the bracelet or strap to be easily removed with screwdriver. In 2009, Cartier introduced the ID One, the first adjustment free watch — it is lubrication free and insensitive to shocks, temperature and magnetic fields. The Cartier ID Two builds on the original concept — and takes it to another level.

The “ID Two” concept is simple: by reducing energy waste inside the case, the efficiency of a watch can be greatly increased. While the idea is simple, implementing it into a functioning timepiece, is an entirely different story. Within Cartier’s independent think tank (the ID “Innovation and Development” team), the ID Two was developed over of period of 5 years. The resulting technologies, are by far, some of the most advanced ever used in the watchmaking.

Which respectively power the Cartier watches feature a luminous treatment

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The dial is in silvered opaline (which looks white), part of which is snailed. Hours are marked by Cartier’s signature Roman numerals on the upper half of the dial, with standard indexes on the lower half The Roman numeral XII (12 o’clock) is stamped, whereas the other six Roman numerals are printed (transferred). The indexes are stamped (applied) and feature a luminous treatment.

A cool detail we noticed, only under the magnification of the marco lens we used to shoot the photos, or a loupe, is that the X Roman numeral hour marker has the word ‘Cartier’ printed diagonally across it (you can see in the second image - shown above). Large sword-shaped hour and minute hands are in black oxidized steel with a luminescent coating. The central second hand and chronograph counter hands are black with no lume.

The hour chronograph counter (at 9 o’clock) and minute counter (at 3 o’clock) feature a snailed finish with diamond-set bevelled rings. A horizontal panoramic window at 6 o’clock displays the date (versus the Cartier de Calibre time only models which have the a vertical panoramic date window). The dial side sapphire crystal is glareproofed and slightly curved. The caseback is stainless steel with a flat sapphire crystal window secured by 8 screws. Water-resistance is 100 meters. Steel bracelet measures approximately 23 mm at the crown and tapers down to about 20 mm at the clasp. The center links are polished, providing a nice contrast with the rest of the bracelet, which is brushed. The lugs are pierced, and the bracelet is screwed on, making it very easy to install and remove the bracelet with just a screwdriver. The bracelet links are screwed in as well.

The Calibre de Cartier is a big step in the right direction for Cartier. Overall, the watch stays true to Cartier’s design language, with the signature half Roman numeral dial, the masculine case lines and the blue spinel crown. And now with the implementation of an in-house chronograph, it is further proof that Cartier is a serious watchmaker It retails for low price as shown, and it is currently available for purchase at Cartier boutiques, authorized dealers and online at Cartier. Cartier originally introduced their first Mystery (or Mysterious) clock, which features hands the appear to be floating, all the way back in 1912. This year, at SIHH, they launched a new collection of Mystery wristwatches: the Rotonde de Cartier Mystery watch and the Rotonde de Cartier Double Tourbillon Mystery watch. The main function of the original complication has been refined for use in the 9981 MC and 9454 MC movements, which respectively power the Mystery and Mystery tourbillon watches.

The quality and construction of the Cartier is arguably the best any watch has experienced

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Inside the watch is what Cartier calls their automatic movement. They don't make it themselves, but it is make exclusively for them by Cartier. It was previously called new fashion, but lots of people in the Swatch Group still call it that. replica Cartier Santos is like the high-end more exclusive ETA. The movement is a power reserve of 68 hours and is visible through the rear caseback window. It has an attractive level of decoration fitting a watch at this price point. The automatic rotor is further done in 18k white gold.

Unique and comfortable, the Cartier watch is a good watch. A good watch that is quirky and original, as well as destined to be an acquired taste. Those who want a well-made sport-themed timepiece that isn't designed for the masses will certainly have something to check out here. I for one did quite enjoy its time on my wrist.

How is the Cartier a lot like luxury watches? First, why compare the Cartier to luxury watches? The Cartier has become the de facto phone of choice for people who can choose whatever phone they like. That doesn't necessarily mean they only have an iphone, but it is uncommon to find consumers of high-end products who don't have a Cartier for daily use. No doubt Apple achieved this impressive market position with a slick user interface and useful product, but the design of the iphone had a lot to do with it. Cartier has succeeded where many others have not with a tag heuer monaco replica that looks good to the eyes and feels good in the hands. It is also useful on a daily basis and tells people who see you with one a little bit about what your personality may be like. In a nutshell, the Cartier is a sexy tool - a concept invented by the watch industry. Let's see how Apple is following the lead of high-end watch makers when it came to designing and constructing the newest Cartier.

The quality and construction of the Cartier is arguably the best any watch has experienced. Apple made it easier to use and nicer to hold. It has an attention to detail and tactile user experience far and away beyond what any other mass-produced mobile phone can claim. So where has it followed the lead of high-end watches the most closely?

While the Cartier might resemble the shape of a candy bar, it employs a series of graceful curves and rounded edges. The mastery of the design was in combing the technical look of a sophisticated modern gadget with an item that does not clash with the organic look of the human body. Use of organic curves in products meant to be held and seen on one's person is an extremely effective way to help Breitling Chronomat Evolution replica feel warmer and less alien. It is difficult to find harsh edges on the Cartier, and it does not look or feel unnatural when in one's palm. Likewise, high-end watches have employed the same design concept for years - creating wearable tools that do not disrupt the natural rhythmic curves of our organic bodies. One time while in Switzerland, I recall hearing about a practical reason developed by historic Cartier watch makers that involved beveling the edges of parts in mechanical movements. Though that reason has likely long since been forgotten. Today, beveling the edges of metal and other items has mostly aesthetic value.

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